Family Consultation

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I will work with families and pets included. 

I believe in wholefood philosophy, focusing on simple strategies for modern, busy families who still want to have a healthy lifestyle.

The way I work is very practical, just because I am a mother and don't want to spend a lot of time cooking. I don't believe in diets rather I believe in simple changes that you can make which suit your lifestyle and are sustainable, effective enjoyable and long-lasting.

My philosophy is working in the WHOLE -PERSON approach, taking in consideration science-based , whole person , nurturing approach to a healthy living and guide everything we do with understanding that while wellness feels and looks different to different people, we are all connected by the power of making informed healthy choices, and the desire to live happier lives.

Who is my message for?

• Families who don’t know how to have healthy habits in their household.

• Families or individuals with Type 1 diabetes.

• Families who would like to lose weight without dieting.

• Individuals with heart problems and related illness like high cholesterol.

• Individuals or families with Intestinal Bowel Disease (IBS) or any digestive problem.

I will be educating towards having a plant-based diet for the whole family with the intention to slowly crowding in natural, raw ingredients into your daily life.

” When we make one healthy choice, we open the door for every additional that follows

I will be interested in listening to what your goals are as a family, how we can transition to clean whole foods that suit your individual needs, balance your blood sugar levels, reduce your digestive discomfort, how to eat to support natural weight loss, improve sleep quality. 

If you have kids at school I will make a plan for 2 weeks


I have a special price just because I want YOU to know how I work!