Private consultation

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About your consultation.

My goal is to EDUCATE on the benefits of good food habits.

I would love to inspire your family to adopt good nutritional eating.

I take the WHOLE_PERSON approach considering ;

Primary Food 

1.Spiritual practice  (loving yourself and taking care of yourselve)

2. Healthy relationships

3. Career (stress less)

4. Regular physical activity (sweet more often)

5. Sleep (sleep deep)

Why do I call it Primary Food?

Is more than what is on your plate. This experiences and practices can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satisfating your life feeds you , making you eat secondary.

Who is my message for?

  • cholesterol management without medication
  • reducing blood pressure without medication
  • body fat loss, especially when many diet and exercise programs have made little difference.
  • diabetes type 1 & 2
  • detoxification processes
  • your relationship with food (body image challenges and eating disorders 
  • eating for conception and pregnancy
  • general healthy eating for children and dealing with fussy eaters
  • nutritional support for mood imbalances 
  • nutritional support for athletes 
  • eating for general wellbeing

I will be focusing on plant-based diet for the whole family with the intention to slowly crowding in natural, raw ingredients into your daily life.