Dedicated to families who want to create nutritious habits.

I'm Andrea, holistic nutritionist.

My mission is to educate families to have nutritious habits

holistic nutritionist

educating families to have nutritious habits

About me

Hi , I’m Lili a Colombian city girl living in a small town in New Zealand.

I am a  Holistic Nutritionist  and an educator with big dreams. I am a hopeless romantic who loves flowers and ballads in Spanish from the 80 ’s.

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants with a cup of coffee with m&m’s , sit on my little office in front of the computer or as a taxi driver taking my sons to their extra school activities. 

My four sons are my rock. A type 1 diabetes diagnosis in one of my boys when he was just 2 , rekindled my passion in the world of nutrition. This knowledge I extend it to the rest of the family as I believe that by creating good habits in the family is the garantie of having a prosperous happy and positive life.


online courses and workshops

-Healthy school lunch boxes

-Plant based food and weight loss

-Food and influence in mental health

and more...


sugar free & gluten free cheesecakes

My vegan, sugar free and gluten free cheesecakes will be available for you at Remarkables Market


homemade skin care

Handcrafted using organic ingredients.

Coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax and essential oils.


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